Choose thy fate alone. Seize it with thine own hands. All the more, should thy fate entail such a foul betrayal.

Ludleth of Courland, Dark Souls® 3

Art is nature’s greatest offering to the history of the universe. I am but a humble servant in search of the next manifestation of the Divine. Throughout this journey, my only wish is for others to seek treasures beyond this life.

Regarding my work as a designer, etc. I have invested the better half of my life as a musician, graphic designer, and webmaster. Having studied the piano for 21 years, music has become one of the cornerstones in my professional career. However, when my musical efforts are exhausted, I must invest my artistic energy elsewhere.

This is where my interest for graphic and web designing came into the picture. After experiencing so many incredible sights and adventures throughout my life, I knew I had to explore other options to translate art.

Art is nature’s greatest sacrifice in the history of the universe. For many, it is what makes life worth living, so that others too may live.

Long ago, in the backwoods of Tennessee now known as the city Dickson, I was in a high school web design class. We created all of our own assets through Photoshop® CS5, and in my free time I started designing logos and illustrations for my friends and family. Before I knew it, word had got around when I started attending Lipscomb University, and I officially became the unofficial graphic designer for the University’s School of Music.

In the past 10 years, I have also operated as a graphic designer for several organizations and institutions, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the East/West International Piano Festival, and the 5th Special Forces Group at Kentucky’s Fort Campbell Military Base. Overall, my total output has been almost entirely posters with some occasional logo and T-shirt design requests. At some point in the future, I would like to venture deeper into the digital arts to produce my own pieces of art.

Virtually no one has asked if I have an art degree. Fortunately, I’m currently working on my Doctor of Musical Arts degree, and I’m assuming that counts too, right? After having completed my second year of my program completely virtually, I’m entering into my third and final year with tremendous ambition and motivation that my slightly-virtually completed musical art degree will end on a good note.

Even when I don’t have spare time, I thoroughly enjoy playing a video game titles that doesn’t involve sports, Electronic Arts, or EA Sports. One of my greatest sources of inspiration came from my 10-year journey through the World of Warcraft® series, experiencing every expansion since vanilla. My recent accomplishment involved the Dark Souls® Trilogy in all of its emotionally painful glory. I highly recommend it to any casual player that is looking for a mild challenge.

Summatively, the greatest journeys in life may be condensed into a 1-hour concert, or expand beyond a decade. Since many artists invest so much time into their craft, they virtually expend a time of their life to bless others in another time. Art is nature’s greatest sacrifice in the history of the universe. For many, it is what makes life worth living, so that others too may live.